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7 Advantages of online business networking events

Networking is an important part of business operations for many industries. Making new contacts can lead to more business opportunities or mentorship, both are valuable parts of growing in an
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hybrid event planning

10+ Tips for Planning Great Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are the future of modern-day event planning. If you’re planning a hybrid event, whether it’s your first or your fiftieth, you’re likely wondering what will help make your
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hybrid event in 2021 with pros and cons

Hybrid Events in 2021: Definition, Pros & Cons

What are Hybrid Events? Hybrid events are events where in-person and virtual aspects are combined. Hybrid events are a mix of live and online participants who get to experience the
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real world event audience connecting with hybrid event

What is a Hybrid Event? We delve into the what and how

David Gray March 25, 2021 2020; the year COVID thrust the events industry into the digital age, for better or worse. With event planners and organisers around the world getting
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hopin pricing

Hopin Pricing Vs. Intelligo Pricing – An example event

The virtual and hybrid events pricing landscape is like the wild west. With pricing ranging from the simple to the overly complex with many moving parts. In this article we’re
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Six reasons E-learning is better than the classroom

Bubble Up October 4, 2021 Education is always evolving. Although rooted in the Victorian classroom model, there have been numerous advancements in the field as practitioners continue to seek the
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