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About intelligo

about Intelligo

Allowing information and stories to be shared globally, sustainably and efficiently.

Our Mission

Intelligo creates a better world by allowing important messages, stories and experiences to be shared globally, equitably and sustainably.   

Intelligo transitions learners away from carbon-intensive, time-heavy, costly learning experiences and organisers away from complex, high-risk and expensive activities. 

 Intelligo replaces this with a more sustainable way of learning with better family life, low emissions, stronger human connection and global community creation

Sustainability Actions

Sustainable for the environment by reducing carbon emissions and allowing events to take place without carbon-intensive practices like travel, print, catering.

Sustainable for clients by making it more cost-effective to deliver their content

Sustainable for users by allowing them to consume content and make connections in their own way

Sustainable for ourselves by focusing on building a good core product and fostering relationships

Sustainable for the long-term by focusing on ethical business practices and balancing profit with our social and global responsibilities

We Care, Because You Care

We offer a quantity of pro-bono service to projects that are aligned with our mission and vision

We invite applications from organisations or groups to take advantage of our pro-bono service.  We are looking for projects and organisations who:

  • Make the world a better place with their activities
  • Share knowledge that empowers people to be more sustainable
  • Help create meaningful human connections and relationships
  • Support positive environmental and climate change action
  • Reduce inequality in the world, in any form that inequality can exist – economic, racial, sexual, geographic and gender.
  • Reach large, indiscriminate audiences who may also be able to engage with the Intelligo platform and community in a broader way.

Our support can include:

  • Use of Intelligo at Essentials, Advanced or Pro level
  • Support from the Intelligo team on creative and content strategy
  • Support from our wider community

Please send us information about your project and why we should support it to

Team members

Meet our founding team members.

Founded by a team of Event Production professionals, Intelligo is designed with knowledge-sharing and experience at the core of its ethos. We offer one-to-one support as standard; we know what makes a good experience and we want to share that with you.