Intelligo allows you to reach your students from home. But how is it different to other platforms out there? Take a look below:
1.      Built Around Safeguarding

Most existing video streaming or conferencing platforms are simply unsuitable for schools’ safeguarding responsibilities. Intelligo has a number of safeguarding features built into the core functionality of the product, such as:

         No access to children’s cameras or microphones is possible

         No individually identifiable information about children is collected

         Streams are delayed by approximately 10 seconds with a safety stop in case of unwanted content accidentally being broadcast

         Two forms of digital passcode required to broadcast

         Broadcast is only possible with the In Intelligo hardware – which is personally linked to an individual teacher.


2.      Every student is equal

Research shows that Intelligo encourages quieter students and those who struggle in a traditional classroom setting to engage more with the content of lessons. It does this through allowing students to ask questions without others seeing, removing the self-consciousness element. All students also receive the same learning experience, levelling the field.


3.      You can teach from anywhere

Teachers are not just confined to their home or school. They can deliver lessons from the forest, a factory, or a sports field*. By removing the geographical constraints, Intelligo facilitates a wider curriculum and range of learning experiences. Intelligo is also designed to military-grade specifications, meaning it meets worldwide standards for water resistance and durability in any location.

4.      Clearer demonstrations

Because of the high-quality camera and screen capture capabilities, Intelligo allows teachers to show information to everyone in the class with a high level of detail. Whether it’s close-up practical skills or detailed equations, the system means that all students can clearly see and hear what the teacher is demonstrating.


5.      Encourages modern skills

Intelligo allows the sharing of web links and documents, so that students can review information and feed back in almost real-time. Students have access to a wealth of information at their fingertips whilst using the platform, and by planning lessons around this, a broader gamut of learning can be achieved.